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Entropion is a medical condition in which the eyelid (usually the lower lid) folds inward. It is very uncomfortable, as the eyelashes constantly rub against the cornea and irritate it. Entropion is usually caused by genetic factors and very rarely it may be congenital when an extra fold of skin grows with the lower eyelid (epiblepharon). Entropion can also create secondary pain of the eye (leading to self trauma, scarring of the eyelid, or nerve damage). The upper or lower eyelid can be involved, and one or both eyes may be affected. When entropion occurs in both eyes, this is known as “bilateral entropion.” Trachoma infection may cause scarring of the inner eyelid, which may cause entropion. In human cases, this condition is most common to people over 60 years of age.


Symptoms of entropion include:
Redness and pain around the eye
Sensitivity to light and wind
Sagging skin around the eye
Decreased vision, especially if the cornea is damaged

Treatment is a relatively simple surgery in which excess skin of the outer lids is removed or tendons and muscles are shortened with one or two stitches. General anesthesia is sometimes used before local anesthetics are injected into the muscles around the eye. Prognosis is excellent if surgery is performed before the cornea is damaged.

Aging creating loose skin and stretched and loose ligaments and muscles.
An eye infection called trachoma is still common in North Africa and South Asia and this can cause scarring of the inner eyelid, which may cause friction and entropion.